Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Golden Pheasant Inn


The Golden Pheasant Inn is Rattlesnake’s pride and joy and rightly so. You would be hard pressed to find the quality and selection of our fine restaurant on the mainland, let alone a remote island in Lake Erie. The choices on the nightly written menu reflect the freshest, highest quality produce, meats,  and seafood, both local and imported, that can be had. Members and guests delight in the selection and accommodation of the Chef to prepare everything to your exact wishes. The wine cellar on the Island reflects World Class Vintages as well as the most current trends in International finds. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner become anticipated events that break up the calming serenity of a day on the Island. Chef Sonya Swartz and her staff want to create a dining experience that will be a memorable part of not just your stay on Rattlesnake, but your life.


  • The Golden Pheasant Inn is one of the original and oldest buildings on the Island. It was built somewhere between 1929 and 1932 by the Toledo Scale Company president and industrialist Hubert Bennett.

  • The restaurant acquired its unique name from golden pheasants that were imported onto the Island during Bennett's time along with other animals, plants, and trees.

  • Restaurant Service:     
          - Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner                               available Tuesday - Saturday

          - Sunday- Breakfast & Lunch
                           (no Dinner service) 

          - Closed Monday  (no Service)

          - Hours of operations are
            fixed yet can be tailored to
your individual needs

  • Reservations required and can be made by phone/ text/ e-mail or in person
  • Semi-casual attire is appropriate for all meals
  • Special arrangements, including parties, weddings, and business functions, are ALWAYS available.

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Tel: 419-285-2861
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